Hi, Joe Gebbia. I have finally got in touch with you!

I'm Eduardo Fierro, the co-founder of Kuvu, a social homesharing platform with the purpose of uniting generations by reducing unwanted loneliness and financial poverty of young and old.

I need you to read me.

Give me 5 minutes.

Then you decide whether to take the next step

or not.

Why Seniors homesharing with Youth? Let me introduce you to my purpose story:

I was born in the Canary Islands, a small Spanish paradise on the African coast, into a humble family.

I was blessed to be born into a family full of older people who have allowed me to experience wonderful friendships over the years (and more grief than I would like) and who have made it possible for me to be here today.

My grandmother and I became great friends and she introduced me to volunteering with other older people in the village but I soon had to move to university. As I couldn't afford to pay the rent, I decided to homeshare with my other grandma!

I lived with my grandmother for 2 years and I can assure you Joe that she has been my best flatmate!

After that stage, I decided to move on to Bilbao and start my entrepreneurial journey but I soon realised that I couldn't afford the university loan and a room in the city. So I asked the city council for help and experienced first-hand the difficulties young people face in accessing housing.

So, together with the cofounders, we asked ourselves: How is it possible that there are elderly people living alone who want to share their home and young people with so many housing difficulties?

And we decided to start Kuvu to act on the systemic levers around Social Isolation & Financial Poverty.

Since we founded Kuvu just before the covid-19 we have shown is possible:

+ 0
Senior Hosts
registered interested in Homesharing (mostly women)
+ 0
young people
signing every month in Kuvu looking for affordable housing
+ 0
Intergenerational Pairs
matched by Kuvu

This experience has allowed us to delve deeper into the emotional difficulties that Hosts have in sharing their home with a stranger.

I remember the first time I hosted in Airbnb in 2012... I did it because I needed that extra income but i remember convicing my flatmate thanks to your value proposition.

But with seniors we are seeing behaviours we are not able to explain "racionally". Seems that trust between strangers is key, specially for lonely people.

And you at Airbnb have solved this problem with an incredibly talented team. It's like the example you did with phones in your TED Talk. Sounds familiar to you?

Joe, the call to action is coming, I'm asking for one more minute to show you our Systemic approach.

We have mapped all the elements that seems to be sorrounding social isolation and financial poverty and planned a strategy to act on the levers doing things like:

we have developed a unique legal rental contract in Spain to protect cohabitation. We are giving it away for free.

we have developed the platform www.kuvu.eu to facilitate matching whatever age you are, making it possible for an 89 year old person to register alone.

we are developing a bill to promote intergenerational cohabitation throughout the country.

I ask you: if the main challenge is to promote trust between strangers, why are we trying to solve something that you have already solved? Let's work together.

We are a team of 5 people, you are over 7,000 people. I was amazed by the incredible talent I was able to meet in your offices in San Francisco when I visited your company.

I am willing to sell any percentage of the organization for €1 if it means helping older people to share their home and mobilising affordable accommodation supply in the market for young people.

Please, help me to solve the problem that vacation rental platforms have escalated throughout the country and that is causing young people to experience one of the lowest emancipation rates in history .

Want to take the next step? Contact me.